Legal and Para-Legal – We cover it all

When it comes to the area of law, there is practically no field that we do not cover.

We cover:

  • all forms of Family Law litigation – from Dowry Litigation, involving cases related to bride abuse (S498A IPC), to issues revolving around Custody of Children;
  • Immigration Law;
  • Intellectual Property, including Trade Marks & Patents issues;
  • Real Property issues of NRIs;
  • cases of Theft, Deception, Fraud, Cheating;
  • cases involving Company Law;
  • Criminal Law;
  • Civil Law cases;
  • Property related issues;
  • Inheritance disputes;
  • Banking disputes;
  • Medical Treatment/Negligence cases etc…
For instance…

If you are visiting India and meet with an accident, there will be consequences flowing from it whether it be issues relating to Accident, Personal Injury or Insurance. We will take care of them for you from Australia, and you do not have to spend any unnecessary time in India.

You may have real property or land in India, and you want to raise finance against that. We will take care of all of your Banking and Finance needs, both legal as well as para-legal, right from here.

If you have Corporate and Commercial Disputes regarding your investments in India, DLC can handle them for you. 

Whether your issue seems to fit the description given herein, or you are unsure, just get in touch with us, and we will sort it out for you.

We will see you at Delhi Law Chambers Melbourne