Why Delhi Law Cambers (DLC) Melbourne?

In short, we save you money and a lot of heart ache, by taking care of your Indian matters for you, locally from Australia.

Know your chances and your costs in advance!

All the heart ache and expenses associated with litigation in courts, travelling to India, looking for accommodation, attendance on time and the like, in addition to leaving your work and home back in Australia / New Zealand, will be minimized, while we manage your legal matters.

If your presence is necessary, we will endeavor to arrange it via video link, while our associates take care of your matter in courts in India. You will not have to travel unless it is critical and/or ordered by the Court.

We will provide you with progress reports each step of the way, and keep the right advocate(s) on the job, in our endeavor to get you the desired results.

Affordable, Personalized & Responsible Service

At DLC Melbourne, we are committed to providing an affordable, personalized service, focused on getting you the results you are looking for. There will be no hidden, ‘back door’ or ‘after-thought’ charges. 

No Bill Shocks, No Hidden Charges/Fees

Being a small, specialist Indian Law firm, we can provide you with the service you deserve, for a fraction of the cost a big law firm would charge.

In the big law firms, your matter is generally tossed around between lawyers and clerks, who typically don’t have a clue as to what you are fighting for.

On the other hand, DLC will deliver a personalized and dedicated service – from the first consultation, to the matter achieving fruition.

For you, your point of contact for all purposes will remain DLC Melbourne.

We will do all the hard work so you can sleep peacefully