NRIs couples’ children custody fights…

An NRI couple – having migrated to Australia, started their life in Australia as normal and had two children. Some six to eight years into their married life, difference developed between the two of them. Soon mistrust crept in. In desperation to get hold of life, the husband felt it would be better for him to go back to India and settle there.

He decided to move, take children with him without telling the wife. For that he required passports for his children and then visas for India. In his desperation to find solace away from the wife, he forged her signatures not once but twice to take his children to India… From love – the very foundation of their marriage and new life in Australia to the total lack of trust in marriage turned an ordinary man into an impulsive offender.

The wife followed him to India and fought in the India courts for the custody of her children. She was successful and then moved back to Australia with children.

The man followed her and children back to Australia as he wanted to be with children. There was another court battle in Australia and the court in Australia granted sole custody to wife while the husband was asked to go for ‘anger management’ in order to see his children alone, all by himself. His wife had successfully brought to the attention of the courts in Australia that it was not safe for the children to be with him all by themselves suggesting he could harm them.

He followed advice and started seeing specialists while continuing to fight to see his children. It took about 7 years for him to be able to see his children, win a shared parenting order. During that time – he had remarried and had had a child with his second wife who helped him in the court battle becoming a character witness for him. The court – taking note of his current psychiatric health and new family life – granted him restricted access to his children of his first wife. A happy although partially – ending after years of battle.